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Dr. Paul Segall

Dr. Segall's enthusiasm for research in aging and his generosity that helped creat the Center of Research and Education in Aging along with Dr. Paola S. Timiras. In the 1970s Dr. Segall was a graduate student under Dr. Paola S. Timiras at the University of California, Berkeley. Since that time, they have remained good friends and she appreciated his success in both the scientific world and in business. Dr. Segall's enthusiasm in science and in education continued to flourish throughout the years and he was an inspiration and a model for UC Berkeley faculty and students.

In December of 1999 BioTime, Inc., under the guidance of Dr. Segall, provided to the University of California, Berkeley a gift to create a Center for Research and Education in Aging (CREA). In addition to this tangible support, Dr. Segall contributed excellent lectures, provided mentorship for student research, and participated in seminars/workshops organized by CREA on the UC Berkeley campus.

It is in recognition of Dr. Segall's interests that BioTime, Inc. has suggested to send donations to CREA in his memory. We very much appreciate your gift and assure you that it will be of great help in supporting our research and educational activities in aging on the Berkeley campus. Dr. Paul Segall, passed way on June 23, 2003.