Board Members



Kyle C. Tucker
Co-Student Director
Brohawn Lab

 I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA but I’ve lived on the East Coast, and Mountain West. I’m a 4th year graduate student in the Brohawn lab studying protein engineering of channel rhodopsins, but I’m also passionate about mitochondria! I love learning about the complexities of culture, race, inequity, economics, global history and art.

Michelle Soto Reid
Co-Student Director
Brohawn Lab

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and am a 4th year graduate student that studies the structure of membrane transporters and channels relevant to neurobiology. I come from a Mexican and Filipino background and I am a full participant of both of my cultures. I care deeply/love to learn about issues regarding poverty, disability, feminism, access to higher education, environmental racism, climate change, science education, policy, race, culture, and immigration.

Diana Bautista
Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology

Susan Marqusee
Professor of Biochemistry,
Biophysics & Structural Biology

Hannah Bloom 
Graduate Student Advisor

Carina Galicia 
Director of Student Services
Audrey Knowlton
Director of DEI

Ellen Lumpkin

Arash Komeili

Samantha C. Lewis
Assistant Professor

Michael Ly
Glaunsinger Lab
4th Year

Sonali Mali
Bautista Lab
3rd year

Flora Rutaganira

Kathleen Pestal