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MCB has been awarded the UC Berkeley Blue Health Department Certification for 2022 - 2025!  
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The MCB Department values community health and wellbeing and strives to provide policies and resources to help promote a culture of wellness. The Department has a Wellness committee that works towards the following goals:

  • Raise awareness that attention to wellness is important to create a satisfying and productive educational and work environment

  • Inform departmental policy at all levels to promote wellness

  • Emphasize that mental health is an important aspect of wellness

  • Recognize that issues with mental health (e.g. depression, anxiety disorders) are common in academia and de-stigmatize discussion of such issues

  • Make resources for addressing mental health issues easily accessible

  • Facilitate a rapid response in situations where an individual or someone they know is experiencing acute and/or severe mental health issues

2023-24 Wellness Committee Members

  • Carly K Schissel 
  • Corinne Pender 
  • Dominik Aylard
  • Hannah Shadmany 
  • Katie Carson
  • Anastasiya Trzcinski
  • Mark Jenkinson
  • Matthew Welch
  • Michel DuPage
  • Naomi Latorraca 
  • Samvardhini Sridharan


Please find a document listing Mental Health resources for our community: UCB MCB Mental Health Resources

Promoting Student Mental Health: A Guide for UC Faculty and Staff

Center for Support and Intervention (CSI) and Counseling and Psychological Services CAPS Gold Folder

Public Care Report. Can be used to refer students exhibiting behaviors that are of concern in relation to their personal, physical, and/or emotional well-being using this form. The care report will be reviewed by a campus case management team, more information here:

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